Observation and Ecology A Back to the Future Story

A transformation in how we see the world…

Observation and Ecology


The new book from Aníbal Pauchard and Rafe Sagarin is about the remarkable changes going on in science right now–a transformation that is taking us back to the old, deeply observational ways of understanding complexity, with the aid of incredible new technologies and much greater respect for all kinds of observers of the world.  The wisdom of fishermen, the stunning and troubling views of Earth provided by satellite, and amazing new discoveries of life are all parts of an exciting, holistic view of complex systems that is emerging in the life sciences.

Observation and Ecology is available in fine bookstores across the country (and of course from amazon.com and powells.com and on islandpress.org).  Both the hardcover and paperback versions are beautifully produced, compact, and easily accessible for scientists, students and keen observers of the natural worldBut for you technophiles (and the book is about merging our own observational senses with new technologies, so don’t be shy), a Kindle version is now available!

We’ll provide updates here on the book, on exciting new scientific observations, and other stuff that makes us grateful to be observational scientists and teachers…

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