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IPBES: Understanding biodiversity and ecosystem services from multiple perspectives.

IPBES (Intergovernmental Platform of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services) is a global initiative, involving more than 120 countries, aimed to “to provide policy relevant knowledge on biodiversity and ecosystem services in response to calls from policy makers and other users … Continue reading

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Combining observations and experiments to quantify invasive species impacts.

Biological invasions have for long being considered a major threat to biodiversity and ecosystem services. However, measuring the magnitude of such impacts have remain elusive and most information remains very local or taxon-dependant. For plants, this is particularly critical because … Continue reading

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Evolution as a way to think and to relate to nature.

There has been a long controversy in the US and worldwide about evolution vs. creationism. Strikes me, as probably stroke Rafe, that we are still debating the basics of biological science. Evolution is the key to understand all biological problems, … Continue reading

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Rafe’s interview: Thinking in how ecology and evolution can help us understand the world In this interview, Rafe Sagarin addresses the importance of biological evolution in every day life, security and global change. One of the key elements of Rafe’s views was his exceptional power to make inductive thinking, by reviewing a number of … Continue reading

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Remembering Rafe Sagarin

Rafe Sagarin passed away on May 28th, 2015 while riding his bicycle to work and being hit by a drunk driver. He left behind his beloved wife and two beautiful daughters as well as a loving family and myriads of … Continue reading

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Global networking for science and conservation

Ecological observations across multiple continents can give us insights into patterns and mechanisms that may allow for broad generalizations in ecology. In the book, Rafe and I discuss how data can come from everywhere and how networks of observers can … Continue reading

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